With animals dying at an alarming rate, we need to work together to ensure there's a planet and ecosystem for our children and their children.

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Thank you so much for supporting the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation.

Animal Avengers is now part of the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation! We felt a change was necessary so that we would be able to do more work on the ground where it is needed most. We have created a trust with its own board in South Africa where we will be running many of our programs . Your donation will ensure we are able to continue our work and to grow our programs even more.

Please check out our programs:

Wildlife Review: We believe that global conservation and sustainability priorities are advanced in terms of public opinion and education programs, as well as donor awareness and philanthropic funding, when supported by credible, up to date and objective information freely shared in the true spirit of collaboration. Our Wildlife Review Initiative (WRI) aims to be a driving force in this endeavor by becoming the prime globally recognized hub of such information, and to better direct donor funds to the front line of conservation where it is needed most.

Our first Review, entitled Rhino Review, will launch in a few months and will focus on bring awareness and education at all levels, from schools and universities to governments and informing legislation, as well as improving philanthropic investment into conservation.

Animal Avengers: This is where it all started for us and remains the heartbeat of much of what we do. With our broadening remit as the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation, we are now focusing the Animal Avengers brand on youth education the world over.

To turn our heroes of tomorrow into the Animal Avengers of today. We are developing some exciting programs for children to learn more about endangered and threatened animals around the world and how everyone can help to make sure our rich natural heritage is defended for generations to come.

Legislation: This program is in the preliminary stages, but extremely important to us. We believe that real change must start at the top. Therefore, we must get cooperation from our government leaders. This is especially true in South Africa. So appealing to Parliament on the big issues of impact are extremely important and will be playing a huge role in our organization very soon.

Land: Would you believe that the number one threat to our animals is actually habitat loss? That's why it's so important to secure land. We must protect the little land that's left that hasn't been destroyed by industries like logging, farming and rural developments, just to name a few. Our dreams are big. We will be looking for a space to not only protect the planet, but to become a safe haven for our animals and ecosystem. We need a space where kids can come and see the animals close up-where they can learn and fall in love with all our planet has to offer. This space will come and we are so excited to share our dreams with you as they become a reality!

We will continue to support our grantees as well, like the Rhino Pride Foundation (see video) and Flying for Freedom South Africa.

Your donations, no matter the size, will help us to continue our vital work. Thank you.

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