Munu's sanctuary is growing to get ready for more! image

Munu's sanctuary is growing to get ready for more!

As the sanctuary expands we must increase infrastructure to accommodate more animals & staff.

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Munu's Sanctuary Is Expanding, But We Need Your Help!

Thank you so much for considering the Shannon Elizabeth Foundation.

Your donation would help to ensure we can continue our work saving endangered animals and supporting great people who protect them. Our goal at SEF is to create sustainable programs that have a genuine impact and are scalable.

Munu Phase 2 of the new sanctuary begins: Now that Munu has a forever home in our newly built sanctuary in South Africa, we next need to implement Phase 2. This is the breeding program that involves bringing in females of the same subspecies. But to do that, the security will need to be upgraded, more facilities built for the extra anti-poaching teams, upgraded solar, and more 4-wheel-drive vehicles for the rough terrain. Imagine naming his first offspring after you, or whatever name you choose! Contact us today for sponsorships and larger donations to help fund this program.

One Woman’s Legacy is a scholarship fund and mentorship program that comprehensively supports aspiring young female conservationists.

•TUITION: We cover all tuition fees directly with the university, so everything is clean and transparent.

•ROOM/BOARD: We cover all living expenses as needed so that the girls can focus on their studies.

•FIELD EXPENSES: We purchase the required field equipment and either gift it or loan it to the student for use during their studies.

•MENTORING: We are creating an invaluable community of mentors to provide career and life guidance for our first-generation graduates.

Rhino Review (, launched in August of 2019, is a regularly updated website where you can learn all about rhinos from the beginning of their recorded existence to the present. It includes the hottest rhino news stories from the week and keeps people informed via a bi-weekly newsletter. The research and writing have all been thanks to our Editor-in-Chief, Peter Borchert.

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